Legal Representation in Health & Business in Arizona

Kent Law Group is committed to providing you with the best legal aid possible for a variety of your legal needs. We have more than 30 years of experience representing clients in various legal matters.

Our Practice Areas & Experience


We have a strong track record in winning medical malpractice cases. For over 30 years we have taken cases to trial and obtained verdicts for our clients. We have built a vast network of experts and we focus at the outset on the facts of the case. Most of our clients approach us through first-hand referrals from previous clients.


We provide legal advice to hospitals, clinics and solo providers regarding compliance with Federal and State law including the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, AHCCCS, and local regulations. We defend a variety of claims including fraud and anti-trust, Stark violations, among other issues. We can be your key compliance officer.


We are focused when it comes to representing business owners through mediation, arbitration, or trial. We help clients set up and operate their business practices with simple and affordable business plans. We have experience in a wide array of business disputes. Whether you are a hospital or a physician we handle all types of contract review.


For almost 30 years, we have successfully and vigorously defended practitioners charged with unprofessional conduct. We regularly represent providers charged before the Arizona Medical Board, the Osteopathic Board, the State Board of Nursing, Physical Therapy, Social Work, Psychology and others. We are proficient in the handling matters before regulatory agencies.


We represent select persons in negligence matters. Although we are primarily a defense firm there are a handful of personal injury or product related cases that merit prosecution. We are here to serve you if you believe you have been injured by negligence contact us and your case will be carefully screened for review and if warranted acceptance.