Medical Malpractice

We have a strong track record in winning our medical malpractice cases (9/10). We have managed hundreds of cases.
Our clients provide give first hand referrals. See Kent Law Group at linkedin.

Business Disputes

We determinedly represent business owners through mediation, arbitration or trial.
We help doctors and hospitals set up and operate their business practices in a with simple
and affordable business plans. We have experience in a wide array of business disputes.

Regulatory Agency Representation

For over 20 years we have successfully and vigorously defended practitioners charged with unprofessional conduct.
On a regular basis we represent those appearing before the Arizona Medical Board, the Osteopathic Board,
the State Board of Nursing, Physical Therapy, Social Work, Psychology and others. We are proficient in the procedures with regulatory agencies.

Correctional Healthcare/Government Services

Kimberly Kent is experienced in NCCHC standards and correctional health standards regarding the delivery of mental health care.
We have acted in capacity as local counsel to correctional facilities on general matters, federal and state compliance,
accreditation and litigation regarding allegations of negligence and violation of federal civil rights matters.

Governmental Agency Representation

We provide legal counsel to state, and local government agencies on a variety of medal legal issues including federal,
state compliance, national accreditation and, public health and correctional health care. We have been approved counsel
for the State of Arizona and Maricopa County as well as Cochise County for several years.

Risk Management

We provide support to all risk managers whether it is for a small business or large hospital.
We help set up and revise policies and procedures, offer documentation workshops and do perform chart audits.

Professional Malpractice

We take select cases of alleged professional malpractice in a variety of errors. This includes the prosecution and defense of Director and Officer litigation.

Personal Injury

We represent select persons in negligence matters. Our experience has centered on products liability.
If you believe you have been injured by defective machine or equipment used by yourself or others contact us.