Are Provider Employment Agreements Really Non Negotiable?

Today most large and medium health care companies advise prospective employees that everyone has the “same agreement.”  Thus, as the story goes, the terms are non negotiable: take it or leave it.  Many health care providers quickly give in feeling powerless.  However, this type of arrangement can often be an obstacle to a longstanding and loyal commitment.  We find that when both the employer and employee are open and willing to review and discuss key terms, employment relationships tend to be more profitable for both parties.  Moreover, in practice few companies large and small close the door on negotiations – particularly for attractive applicants.  In addition, what matters to one health provider may be completely irrelevant to someone else.  Like any profession, physicians and ancillary health providers come to any new occupation with unique values depending on their life experience.  So signing a contract is the perfect time to learn what matters to both parties.  Non negotiable contracts close the door on on the opportunity to give more than lip service.  So the next time you want to present or are presented with a “non negotiable contract” consider how much this first conversation about values can impact your future.  No employment agreement is truly non negotiable.